DNL.WHS.11100 - Denali Switch - DrySeal™ ON-OFF Waterproof Illuminated - in-parts Expand

Denali Switch - DrySeal™ ON-OFF Waterproof Illuminated

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This premium DENALI DrySeal™ ON-OFF Waterproof Switch can handle a load up to 15 Amps and is ideal for controlling many different accessories such as auxiliary lighting. The kit includes both 7/8” and 1” handlebar switch mounting bands, as well as an adhesive pad for surface mounting.

In addition to molded silicone gasket seals, we use a unique DrySeal™ construction technique that encases the wires in a potted cavity as they enter the housing. This ensures our housings are 100% watertight even when submerged underwater with the wires cut and connector removed.


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What’s In The Box?

  • (x1) DrySeal™ ON-OFF Waterproof Illuminated Switch 
  • (x1) 7/8” Handlebar Switch Mount 
  • (x1) 1” Handlebar Switch Mount 
  • (x2) Self Tapping Screw 
  • (x1) Adhesive Pad

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