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The Monsoon Evo allows you to travel as lightly as possible, thanks to the unbeatable empty weight of 2.55 kg for size S and 2.75 kg for size L.

There is no need to mount an adapter plate on the side supports: the Monsoon Evo has an already integrated fastening system that directly wraps around the arches of the side supports. The Monsoon EVO can be fitted to all 18 mm tubular side supports (original BMW and KTM, Givi, Outback Motortek, etc.). 

The top of the saddlebags is held in place by two adjustable straps. This clever system also makes it possible, in particular, to install the panniers, for example, on a chamfered side stand that follows the shape of the exhaust pipe.

The Monsoon Evo is available in two formats: 24 or 34 liters.

Each Monsoon Evo case can carry a maximum load of 8 kilos

The Monsoon Evo is of course 100% waterproof, like all our products! No need to worry about mud, sand, rain or snow: your belongings will remain perfectly protected.

These bags are made for Adventure around the world. The materials used will withstand all the surprises that the road can bring. The main material is our usual three-layer fabric, very resistant to abrasion and completely waterproof. The fasteners on the side support poles are made of reinforced composite fibers . Finally, a fiber slider has also been added on the outside, to hit the ground first in case of a fall or slip. 

A safety pin provided prevents inadvertent unlocking of the system, even in the most demanding off-road conditions. 

This pin can be replaced with a padlock (not supplied). The Monsoon Evo can be locked to the side brackets with a padlock not supplied, but available at all good hardware stores (ABUS 85 / 30HB65 format, for example). The idea is to allow you to easily replace this security anywhere on the planet. 

Caution: do not mount the panniers directly near a heat source, such as a manifold or exhaust pipe. If the bags are too close to a heat source, install the "Inferno" heat deflector to protect them. Sometimes it is necessary to install two heat deflectors side by side, due to the large heat produced by the pan or collectors. An easy rule to remember: if it is too hot for your hand, it will be too hot for your bags. 


Two sizes are available:

Monsoon Evo SMALL 24 L / Unit Price: 320 EUR
Volume 24 Liters
Width 40 cm
Height 40 cm
Depth 16 cm
Weight 2.55 kg

Monsoon Evo BIG 34 L / Unit Price: 340 EUR
Volume 34 Liters
Width 40 cm
Height 40 cm
Depth 21 cm
Weight 2,75 kg


Construction from a synthetic fabric with three heat-sealed layers and an impact-resistant PVC:

  1. Impact-resistant PVC reinforcement to protect contents from flying rocks or branches.
  2. Inner layer of red waterproof vinyl for easy viewing of the interior of the bag.
  3. Intermediate layer of 1000D nylon mesh sealed against tears.
  4. Outer layer of extremely abrasion resistant polymer.


  • No adapter required.
  • No hanging strap.
  • Compatible with all 18mm tubular mounts.
  • Extremely strong hooks on side support.
  • Protective slider.
  • Easy disassembly of the system in seconds.
  • Can be used on both sides of the bike.
  • Perfect sealing.
  • Closing roller closure.
  • 4 compression straps.
  • 4 possibilities on the short sides to attach a bottle holder or a universal case.
  • 2 rows of sewn-on strips on the top for attaching additional equipment.
  • Ergonomic carrying handles.
  • Lockable with padlock (not supplied) in ABUS 85 / 30HB65 format .
  • Easy to clean.

Accessories not supplied and available separately:

  • Shoulder strap, one strap per bag is recommended.
  • Hell's heat deflector.
  • Can hold up to 6 internal storage bags.
  • For installation on short sides: bottle holder / universal case / mudguard bag L .


Colour Black

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