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Panniers Blizzard

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Enduristan's Blizzard panniers feature an innovative shape that does not restrict your movement while traveling off-road. If you lean to the rear during steep descents, the bags will not interfere. Last but not least, they are made of our extremely durable 3-layer fabric, all straps are double stitched and the front strap buckles are good for up to 225 kg.

Available in 4 sizes:

S - 12L capacity
M - 17L capacity
L - 24L capacity
XL - 34L capacity

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You don't carry the same stuff whether you are out on an offroad weekend or whether you are on a leisure trip with your touring bike, right? That's why we chose a modular approach for the Blizzard Saddlebags.

On the bottom of the Blizzard, the two compression straps can easily be converted into an interface to attach a bottle holster or a Fender Bag (size M or L only). So you can add 2 x 1.5 liter of additional volume, 2 x 1 liter of fuel, or a combination of both.

On top of the bags, there is a place to attach two more bottle holsters to increase the range of your rigid enduro.

The back of your bike remains free to attach a Tornado Bag 2. If you are planning to go offroad, you can choose a Rally Pack or any XS Base Pack, so as not to limit your freedom of movement.



  • No brackets required.
  • Fits any enduro or adventure bike.
  • Red inner lining for high visibility.
  • 4 compression straps per bag.
  • 2 rows of cargo loops for attaching additional equipment.
  • 4 interfaces for attaching bottle holsters.
  • 2 interfaces for attaching Fender Bags (sizes M and L only).
  • Soft ergonomic handles.
  • Deluxe shoulder strap available separately.
  • Firm seat even the most extreme off-road.
  • Easy attachment, quick removal.
  • Adjustable bag spacing.
  • Fully adjustable front-to-rear placement.
  • No flapping straps.
  • Washable and easy to clean.
  • Built to last.


Blizzard Small

Total volume   12 liters (2x6 liters)
Width (per bag)   39 cm
Height (per bag)   35 cm
Depth (per bag)   9 cm
Total weight   1,62 kg
Fender bag attachment   no
Can and bottle bag attachment  4


Blizzard Medium

Total volume  17 liters (2x8,5 liters)
Width (per bag)  39 cm
Height (per bag)  35 cm
Depth (per bag)  12,5 cm
Total weight  1,82 kg
Fender bag attachment  2
Can and bottle bag attachment  4


Blizzard Large

Total volume 24 liters (2x12 liters)
Width (per bag) 39 cm
Height (per bag) 35 cm
Depth (per bag) 18 cm
Total weight 1,97 kg
Fender bag attachment 2
Can and bottle bag attachment 4


Blizzard XL

Total volume34 liters (2x17 liters)
Width (per bag)44 cm
Height (per bag)37 cm
Depth (per bag)20,5 cm
Total weight2,16 kg
Fender bag attachment2
Can and bottle bag attachment4



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