SF-R12GSLC - In-Parts Headlight Holder BMW R1200GS/A LC - in-parts Expand

In-Parts Headlight Holder BMW R1200GS/A LC

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Developed by In-Parts these scores are laser cut. The thermosetting polyester-based paintwork ensures durable finish.
These were created to maintain the stability, sturdiness and tuning of your auxiliary headlights.
Preparations for installation of headlamps using 6mm or 8mm shafts.
Made of 5mm aluminum.
Hole 8mm for coupling horn.

Compatibilities and exclusions:
R1200GSA: Full compatibility.
R1250GS or R1200GS: They are not compatible with the top technologies after the market.
There is no compatibility with certain optical protections.

Level of difficulty to carry out the assembly.
Low level installation.

What comes with the kit:
4 washers 8mm wide flap
2 washers 8mm narrow flap
2 x 8x20 hex bolts
2 screws 3x20 interior seated
2 Spacers 12x20


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