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Outback Motortek Pack Crash Bars Yamaha Teneré 700

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Let’s begin with the most important thing: our focus was to add as little weight as possible to the Tenere 700! In order to achieve this we utilized four, frame-only mounting points to spread the impact evenly, should there be a crash.

Important note: Confirmed to be compatible with the factory equipped Yamaha skid plate SW-Motech, ACD Racing and Camel ADV. We’ll update this note as soon as we learn of other compatible aftermarket skid plates.

Compatible with the Euro 5 engine with the cover of the catalytic converter removed or have a chunk cut out of it.

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Thanks to the four mounting points each side, we could utilize 22mm diameter tubing. The result is 2.7kg for the lower crash bars and only 5.6kg for both upper and lower crash bars together!

We’ve also developed our own skid plate here.

We don’t guarantee colour matching between our crash bars’ colours and parts of your Yamaha Tenere 700. We however offer the closest possible.


  • Hand MIG welded – It’s all about the strength! We continue to follow our philosophy: toughness and functionality over appearance.
  • 22mm steel tube with 2mm wall thickness.
  • Less is often more – One of our goals was to preserve the low centre of gravity feature of the Yamaha Tenere 700
  • Tough mounting points – No cutting corners here (either)! Precision laser cut pieces for perfect fitment using 4mm and 5mm thick metal mounts. These parts absorb a lot of impacts from crashes, rather than your bikes chassis that”s worth thousands of dollars/Euros.
  • Powder coated – combined with sandblasting it’s a killer combination to protect your product’s surface. No frills and tough just like your ADV/Dual Sport bike!

Crash Bars: Compatible with 2019-2021. Compatible with OEM equipped skid plate. Not compatible with optional Yamaha Rally skid plate. Compatible with OEM, factory mounted skid plate/bash plate/sump guard. Compatible with OEM “Rally” optional skid plate/bash plate/sump guard with minor modifications.


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