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Please order also the special tank bag holder for your motorcycle.(see below)!

We created and entirely new tank bag concept with a unique attachment method that had never been seen before.

This new tank bag features a solid base which is first attached to the tank. The tank bag is then quickly and easily attached to the base plate by means of a tab that fits into the base plate. Removal is just as simple and for those bikes where the “tank” is really a tank, we have designed an easy access flap to the filler, so that the base can remain in place.

The facts:

  • Extendable up to to 25 litres capacity.
  • Can be compressed (using perimeter zipper) to 15 litres.
  • Elastic compression band that can be adjusted and tightened (if the bag is not completely full when it is extended). Creates a firm, stable unit.
  • Fast removal with one hand for fueling (obviously not on bikes with the gas tank at the rear...).
  • Maximal space efficiency, Strong grip and paint protection through usage of base plate.
  • Base plate can be quickly removed or stay on the motorcycle.
  • Quick mounting with Off Road securing.
  • Very large (A4) rotatable and removable map holder made of soft, strong PVC material. Handy rubber zip for easy opening (180° opening) to insert and remove the map easily.
  • Zig zag rubber for fast removal, e.g. gloves.
  • Protected interior compartment for a spare helmet visor.
  • Functional side bags with useful inner compartments.
  • E-connect: waterresistant outlet for electric cables such as mobile phone chargers etc..
  • Ergonomic zipper.
  • Blue inner lining for a better overview, everything can be found easily.
  • Hard PVC plastic reinforced walls to keep the shape.
  • Waterrepellent, dirtresistant and tefloncoated CORDURA: very strong, abrasionresistant and will not fade.
  • Additional carrying system. Can be used as a rucksack or shoulder bag with the straps supplied.
  • Ergonomic carrying handle.
  • Light weight.
  • Base plate and tank bag are offered separately, so you only need a new base when you change the motorcycle.
  • Soft, slip-proof base. Protects against scratches on the tank (sticks like cling-film).
  • Removable multifunctional bag (optional) with practical compartments for commonly needed items. Fast attachment integrated in the tank bag.).
  • Optional available.
  • Made in Germany & Europe.

Accessories (optional)

  • organizer compartement ( fast access to all important things ), removable and useful extra compartements for e.g. sunglasses, mobile phones etc.
  • rain cover (recommended for transport of sensitive equipment)

Please order the vehicle – specific mounting kit separately.


Please order also the special tank bag holder for your motorcycle.
G 310 R20614-000
F 650 GS (2008 - ), F 700/800 GS & Adventure20620-000
F 800 GT, F 800 R, F 800 S, F 800 ST20630-000
F 750 GS, F 850 GS20620-100
R 850/1100/1150 GS & Adventure, R 850/1100/1150 RT20640-000
R 1200 RT ( - 2013)40700-000
R 1200 RT LC (2014 - )40700-100
R 850 R (09/02 - ), R 1150 R & Rockster43270-000
R 1200 R (- 2014)20650-000
R 1200 R LC, R 1200 RS LC20651-110
R 1200 GS (-2007), R 1200 GS Adventure ( - 2013)20660-000
R 1200 GS (2008 - 2012)20660-100
R 1200 GS LC (2013 - 2016), R 1200 GS LC (2017-), R 1200 GS LC Adv. (2014 - )20660-200
R 1250 GS (2018 - )20660-200
S 1000 R, S 1000 RR20667-010
S 1000 XR20669-010
K 1200 S/R & Sport, K 1300 S/R20670-000
K 1200 GT (2006 - ), K 1300 GT43270-000
K 1600 GT41170-000
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Wunderlich Saco de Depósito 'Elephant'

Wunderlich Saco de Depósito 'Elephant'


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