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TechSpec Protecção Depósito CRF1000L

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Body and weight control are essential techniques with not only aggressive/performance riding, but also with sport/casual touring. By griping the tank with your legs, you will improve overall control of your body motion, weight position and posture. That is why AltRider relies on TechSepc USA to outfit our bikes with their Gripster Tank Pads.

GRIPSTER Tank Grips:

  • Increase/maintain control of weight/body position
  • Eliminate sliding
  • Improve riding style
  • Decrease body fatigue
  • Improve weight adjustment
  • Protect tank from abuse
  • Improve re-sale value
  • Remove and re-use
  • Customize for functionality as well as creativity
  • Provide benefits of grip material without damaging leathers
  • Developed in the United States of America

TechSpec's theory of achieving a solid grip is based on material properties and surface area contact.

Snake Skin:
TechSpec’s Snake Skin Motorcycle Tank Grip Accessories is their “Premier Product”. Measuring .125” thin. You will feel the difference the minute you throw your leg over and take a seat, improving the relationship between you and your machine! Squeeze it, Grip it, Rip it!! Squeeze your tank and feel what solid seat position is and does for you. Will assist in reduction of vibration, increase in control, and increase in comfort.

Riding Style: Aggressive, on road or off-road. Best choice for most adventure riding!

*Precut Kit includes Right & Left Tank Grips with Custom Center Tank Pro

Just Squeeze Down and Enjoy the Ride!

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TechSpec Protecção Depósito CRF1000L

TechSpec Protecção Depósito CRF1000L


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