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AT16-1-1118 - Altrider Protecção Braço Embraiagem CRF1000L Cinza - Expandir

Altrider Protecção Braço Embraiagem CRF1000L Cinza

AltRider AltRider



  • 100% made in the USA
  • Laser cut, grained surface to remove burrs
  • Formed and anodized for maximum durability
  • Constructed of 2 mm thick 5052 aluminum
  • Uses OEM mounting hardware
  • Simple 5 minute installation
  • Not compatible with Africa Twin DCT
  • Available in black and silver

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When riders venture out on the Honda Africa Twin, they often find themselves in the thick of it, with rocks, sticks and other debris striking almost every surface of this highly capable adventure bike. The Africa Twin’s clutch articulation arm and cable, however, sit exposed on the right hand side of the engine case, covered only by an OEM plastic cover which offers virtually no protection. AltRider’s Clutch Arm Guard for the Africa Twin replaces the plastic cover with far greater coverage to this vital area while offering a clean aesthetic to the right side engine case.

More robust than other clutch arm covers on the market, AltRider’s design incorporates three unique mounting points to evenly distribute the load from impacts across the guard. With strategic mounting points and bends, the design is engineered to counter the stresses placed on thin aluminum parts after a lifetime of engine vibrations. AltRider’s Clutch Arm Guard is laser cut out of 2 mm thick 5052 aluminum and features a formed, anodized and grained surface for maximum durability. Keep the clutch operating smoothly and add that final piece of engine protection to the Africa Twin with AltRider’s Clutch Arm Guard for the Africa Twin.

Available in black and silver

Fits all non-DCT models including Adventure Sports model.



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