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ROKstraps - ROK 1400

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ROK 1400 details: 
  • Adjustment range: 400-1400mm 
  • Strap width: 25mm 
  • Can be used on any luggage rack 
  • Contains 2 pieces 
ROKstraps: For years, ROKstrap have set the standard for highest tensions, comfort, safety and durability. Thanks to their innovative usage of rubber elements as part of the straps construction, ROKstraps are the strongest tie-down straps available today. 

Together with ROKstraps we enhanced this product especially for the use with adventure bikes. 

ROK 1400 from ENDURISTAN uses exclusively the ENDURISTAN family buckles, the most robust buckle available on the market today. Additionally, we have created a completely new method of fastening the straps - optimised for the usage on racks with thin slots and even increasing the adjustment range. 


We use the toughest buckles available on the market. How do we know? We tested them. We pulled hundreds of buckles to pieces - under any condition you may experience during your travels: Hot, cold and soaked with water. We use the family buckles for all of our products - for a maximum of combinability.


ROKstraps are heavy duty stretch straps invented in Australia. The complex flat shape minimises pressure and prevents curling. The core is 100% natural rubber for best elasticity and tear resistance above 100kg - protected by a polyester braiding for superior UV and wear resistance.

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ROKstraps - ROK 1400

ROKstraps - ROK 1400


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