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LiquiMoly Limpeza Motor 250ml

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Motorbike Engine Flush

  • Cleaning fluid for clearing the engine interior of troublesome deposits.
  • Disolves sludge and lacquer formers.
  • All types of oil-soluble and oil-insoluble residues are brought into suspension and removed during the next oil change.
  • An engine which has been cleaned of deposits and contamination and which is then filled with fresh oil not contaminated with old impurities can develop its full performance characteristics.
  • Flushes out and cleans the oil circuits of motorcycles with four-stroke gasoline engines.
  • The frequency of use is dependent on the degree of contamination of the oil circuit and on the quality of the oil used.
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LiquiMoly Limpeza Motor 250ml

LiquiMoly Limpeza Motor 250ml


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