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Bateria BS BTX14-BS



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55,95 €

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L x W x H150 x 87 x 145
Peso4,5 Kg
Voltagem12 V
Amperagem12 A


Part Number
Voltage (V)
Capacity (Ah/10Hr)
Capacity (Ah/20Hr)
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
  • Reduction of plates sulfation
  • Higher life cycle (up to three times longer than conventional batteries)
  • Less maintenance (no water refilling needs)
  • Longer voltage hold
  • Maintenance Free
  • Increased power & extended life


Motorcycle OEMAPRILIA125SR Max12-->17
Motorcycle OEMAPRILIA750Dorsoduro08-->16
Motorcycle OEMAPRILIA750Dorsoduro ABS-
Motorcycle OEMAPRILIA750Dorsoduro USA-
Motorcycle OEMAPRILIA750Shiver08-->12
Motorcycle OEMAPRILIA750Shiver ABS-
Motorcycle OEMAPRILIA750Shiver CND-
Motorcycle OEMAPRILIA750Shiver USA-
Motorcycle OEMAPRILIA800Mana-
Motorcycle OEMAPRILIA850Mana 85007-->
Motorcycle OEMAPRILIA850Mana ABS-
Motorcycle OEMAPRILIA850Mana CND-
Motorcycle OEMAPRILIA850Mana USA-
Motorcycle OEMAPRILIA900Dorsoduro-->17
Motorcycle OEMAPRILIA900Shiver-->17
Motorcycle OEMAPRILIA850SRV 85012-->
Motorcycle OEMAPRILIA1000ETV Caponord01-->08
Motorcycle OEMAPRILIA1000RSV 1000 Mille98-->00
Motorcycle OEMAPRILIA1000SL Falco98-->03
Motorcycle OEMAPRILIA1200Dorsoduro11-->
Motorcycle OEMAPRILIA1200Caponord13-->17
Motorcycle OEMBENELLI125Adiva00
Motorcycle OEMBENELLI150Adiva15000
Motorcycle OEMBETAMOTOR1000YB10 Dieci00-->
Motorcycle OEMBMW650F650GS08-->11
Motorcycle OEMBMW800F700 GS11-->
Motorcycle OEMBMW800F800 GS04-->17
Motorcycle OEMBMW800F800 GS Adventure15-->16
Motorcycle OEMBMW800F800 R17-->
Motorcycle OEMBMW800F800 GT13-->
Motorcycle OEMBMW800F800 R, S, ST13-->
Motorcycle OEMBMW1000R Nine T Scrambler14-->17
Motorcycle OEMBMW1000R Nine T Racer14-->17
Motorcycle OEMBMW1000R Nine T Pure14-->17
Motorcycle OEMBMW1000R Nine T Urban14-->17
Motorcycle OEMBMW1000R Nine T Urban GS14-->17
Motorcycle OEMBMW1000R Nine T14-->17
Motorcycle OEMBMW1200HP2 Sport Megamoto10-->
Motorcycle OEMBMW1200K1200R, S06-->
Motorcycle OEMBMW1200R1200GS05-->12
Motorcycle OEMBMW1200K1200R05-->
Motorcycle OEMBMW1200R1200RS05-->
Motorcycle OEMBMW1200R1200R, S-
Motorcycle OEMBMW1200R1200R successor05-->16
Motorcycle OEMBMW1300K1300S, R09-->
Motorcycle OEMBMW1300K1300S HP12-->
Motorcycle OEMBUELL500Blast00-->08
Motorcycle OEMBUELL984XB9R Firebolt, XB9S Lightning02-->10
Motorcycle OEMBUELL1200XB12R Firebolt, XB12S Lightning04-->10
Motorcycle OEMBUELL1200XB12Ss, Scg, Lightning04-->10
Motorcycle OEMBUELL1200XB12X Ulysses06-->10
Motorcycle OEMCAGIVA500Canyon, River98-->01
Motorcycle OEMCAGIVA1000Gran Canyon-
Motorcycle OEMHONDA400NV400 DC Shadow01-->
Motorcycle OEMHONDA750NV750, Shadow97-->98
Motorcycle OEMHONDA750RVF (RC45)-
Motorcycle OEMHONDA750VT750C Shadow98-->00
Motorcycle OEMHONDA750VT750CD, CD2 Shadow Deluxe98-->02
Motorcycle OEMHONDA750VT750CD-A, B, C, D Shadow, A.C.E.02-->03
Motorcycle OEMHONDA750XRV750 African Twin93-->02
Motorcycle OEMHONDA1100ST1100, A Police, Pan Eur.90-->01
Motorcycle OEMHONDA1100ST1100, ABS-TCS, 1100A91-->02
Motorcycle OEMHONDA1100VT1100 C2 Shadow Sabre00-->04
Motorcycle OEMHONDA1100VT1100C, C3, T Shadow01-->07
Motorcycle OEMHONDA1100VT1100C2 Shadow Sabre00-->07
Motorcycle OEMHONDA1300CB1300DC X4 Type LD01-->
Motorcycle OEMHONDA1300VTX1300C, R, S, Retro03-->
Motorcycle OEMHONDA1300VTX1300R, S, C05
Motorcycle OEMHONDA1300VTX1300C, R, S, Retro03-->10
Motorcycle OEMHONDA1300X401-->
Motorcycle OEMHONDA1500GL1500 C (F6C)97-->01
Motorcycle OEMHONDA1500GL1500 Valkyrie97-->03
Motorcycle OEMHUSQVARNA480511 MR11-->
Motorcycle OEMHUSQVARNA500SMR 51111-->
Motorcycle OEMHUSQVARNA600SMR 61011-->
Motorcycle OEMHUSQVARNA600TE 61011-->
Motorcycle OEMHUSQVARNA900Nuda 900, R11-->
Motorcycle OEMHYOSUNG MOTORS250Aquila25000-->08
Motorcycle OEMHYOSUNG MOTORS250GT250 Comet02-->08
Motorcycle OEMHYOSUNG MOTORS250GT250, R09-->
Motorcycle OEMHYOSUNG MOTORS250GV25009-->
Motorcycle OEMHYOSUNG MOTORS600Comet60000-->08
Motorcycle OEMHYOSUNG MOTORS650GT650, R, S09-->
Motorcycle OEMHYOSUNG MOTORS650GV650, SE09-->
Motorcycle OEMINDIAN1133Scout15-->16
Motorcycle OEMINDIAN999Scout16
Motorcycle OEMITALJET180Dragster99-->
Motorcycle OEMKAWASAKI650EJ65099-->00
Motorcycle OEMKAWASAKI650W65000-->02
Motorcycle OEMKAWASAKI800VN800 Classic B96-->02
Motorcycle OEMKAWASAKI800VN800 D99-->02
Motorcycle OEMKAWASAKI800VN800-A, B, C, E Vulcan, Classic, Drifter95-->03
Motorcycle OEMKAWASAKI1100ZRX110099-->00
Motorcycle OEMKAWASAKI1100ZRX1100, II (ZRT10C,D)97-->00
Motorcycle OEMKAWASAKI1100ZX1100 D197-->00
Motorcycle OEMKAWASAKI1100ZX1100-D Ninja ZX-1195-->01
Motorcycle OEMKAWASAKI1100ZZR1100 EU (ZXT10D)93-->01
Motorcycle OEMKAWASAKI1200ZRX1200R01-->05
Motorcycle OEMKAWASAKI1200ZRX1200R/S (ZRT20A/B)01-->
Motorcycle OEMKAWASAKI1200ZX-1200A100-->
Motorcycle OEMKAWASAKI1200ZX-12R00-->05
Motorcycle OEMKAWASAKI1200ZZR1200 (ZXT20C)02-->05
Motorcycle OEMKAWASAKI14001400GTR07-->
Motorcycle OEMKAWASAKI1400ZG1400 Concours08-->
Motorcycle OEMKAWASAKI1400ZX-14 Ninja06-->
Motorcycle OEMKAWASAKI1400ZZR140006-->
Motorcycle OEMKTM1290Super Duke, R13-->
Motorcycle OEMKYMCO400Xciting 400, 400i04-->17
Motorcycle OEMKYMCO500Xciting 500, 500i05-->12
Motorcycle OEMKYMCO700My Road 700i12-->15
Motorcycle OEMMOTO GUZZI750V7 Stone12-->17
Motorcycle OEMMOTO GUZZI750V7 Racer12-->17
Motorcycle OEMMOTO GUZZI750V7 Special12-->17
Motorcycle OEMPEUGEOT400Metropolis13-->16
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO125MP307-->16
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO125MP3 Yourban11-->13
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO125X708-->11
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO125X8 Premium06-->07
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO125X8 125 Premium (Euro 3)-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO125X Evo 125 (Euro 3)07-->17
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO125X evo07-->
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO200Carnaby 4T-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO200Carnaby 200 4T (Euro 3)07-->08
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO250Beverly, Cruiser, Tourer07-->09
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO250Carnaby 4T ie08
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO250GTS25010-->
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO250GTV250-->10
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO250MP306-->
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO250Nexus, Euro3-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO250Vespa GTV ie Navy08-->09
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO250X Evo-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO250X7 ie08
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO250MP3 250-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO250Beverly 250-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO250X8 250 ie-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO250Beverly 250 (Euro 3) (MIC 2007)-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO250Carnaby 250 4T ie (Euro 3)-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO250X Evo 250 (Euro 3)-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO250Nexus 250 (Euro 3)07
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO250X7 250 ie (Euro 3)-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO250Beverly 250 Tourer (Euro 3)-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO250Vespa GTV 250 ie Navy-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO250Beverly 250 Cruiser (Euro 3)-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO300MP3 Yourban, LT11-->17
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO300MP3 IE, Sport11-->
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO300GTS30010-->
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO300Nexus 300 ie (Euro 3)-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO300Nexus ie-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO300Vespa GTS ie Super10-->16
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO300Vespa GTV08-->09
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO400Beverly ie Tourer08-->09
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO400X Evo-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO400X8 ie (Euro 3)-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO400Beverly 400 ie (Euro 3)-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO400Beverly 400 ie Tourer (Euro 3)08-->09
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO400X Evo 400 (Euro 3)07-->09
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO400X8 400 ie (Euro 3)-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO500Beverly, Cruiser, Euro3-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO500MP3-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO500X1012-->
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO500X9 Evolution USA-
Motorcycle OEMPIAGGIO500Beverly 500 (Euro 3)06-->08
Motorcycle OEMSUZUKI650Burgman / AN650 ABS04-->
Motorcycle OEMSUZUKI650BURGMAN AN65003-->
Motorcycle OEMSUZUKI1000DL1000-->02
Motorcycle OEMSUZUKI1000V-Strom / DL100002-->
Motorcycle OEMSUZUKI1000SV1000, S03-->07
Motorcycle OEMSUZUKI1400GSX140002-->06
Motorcycle OEMTRIUMPH885Thunderbird Sport-
Motorcycle OEMTRIUMPH885Tiger99-->01
Motorcycle OEMTRIUMPH900Tiger99-->01
Motorcycle OEMTRIUMPH955Daytona 955i99-->04
Motorcycle OEMTRIUMPH955Speed triple99-->04
Motorcycle OEMTRIUMPH955Sprint RS00-->04
Motorcycle OEMTRIUMPH955Tiger02-->06
Motorcycle OEMTRIUMPH1050Sprint GT11-->14
Motorcycle OEMTRIUMPH1050Speed Triple11-->14
Motorcycle OEMTRIUMPH1200Trophy00-->04
Motorcycle OEMYAMAHA900XJ900P-
Motorcycle OEMYAMAHA900XJ900S Diversion95-->02
Motorcycle OEMYAMAHA1000GTS1000, A93-->00
Motorcycle OEMYAMAHA1000YZF1000R, Thunderace96-->01
ATV OEMHONDA300TRX300 Fourtrax88-->00
ATV OEMHONDA300TRX300 FW Fourtrax 4x488-->00
ATV OEMHONDA350TRX350 Ranger00-->06
ATV OEMHONDA350TRX350, D Fourtrax 4x486-->89
ATV OEMHONDA400FL400 R Pilot89-->90
ATV OEMHONDA400TRX400 Ranger AT04-->06
ATV OEMHONDA400TRX400 FW Foreman95-->03
ATV OEMHONDA420TRX420 Rancher 4X4-->12
ATV OEMHONDA450TRX450 Fourtrax Foreman S, ES98-->04
ATV OEMHONDA500TRX500 FA Fourtrax Rubicon01-->12
ATV OEMHONDA500TRX500 FE, FM, TM Trax Foreman11-->17
ATV OEMHONDA500FourTrax Foreman ES, 4x405-->09
ATV OEMHONDA650TRX650 Fourtrax Rincon03-->05
ATV OEMKAWASAKI650KVF650 Brute Force02-->17
ATV OEMKAWASAKI700KVF650-A, B, D, Prairie 4x404-->06
ATV OEMKAWASAKI700KVF700-A, B, D, Prairie 4x404-->06
ATV OEMKAWASAKI750KVF750 Brute Force05-->17
ATV OEMKAWASAKI750Teryx 75008-->12
ATV OEMKAWASAKI750KVF750 4x4 EPS 201212-->
ATV OEMMASAI450A450, A460-
ATV OEMSUZUKI400LT-A400 Eiger 2WD, F Eiger 4WD02-->07
ATV OEMSUZUKI400LT-F400 Eiger 2WD, F Eiger 4WD02-->07
ATV OEMSUZUKI400LT-A400F KingQuad-->17
ATV OEMSUZUKI450LT-A450X KingQuad07-->11
ATV OEMSUZUKI700LT-V700F Twin Peaks04-->05
ATV OEMYAMAHA660YFM660 R Raptor01-->05
SSV OEMHONDA500Pioneer 50014-->
SSV OEMHONDA700Pioneer 70014-->
SSV OEMHONDA700MUV700 Big Red08-->12
SSV OEMHONDA1000Pioneer16-->
SSV OEMKAWASAKI6504x4 Advantage Classic02-->03
SSV OEMKAWASAKI750Teryx, LE, x408-->
SSV OEMKAWASAKI750Teryx, All models08-->16
SSV OEMKAWASAKI950Mule 4010 Diesel11-->13
SSV OEMKAWASAKI820Mule pro FXT15-->16
SSV OEMKAWASAKI950KAF 950, Mule 2510, 3010 Diesel08-->
Snowmobile OEMYAMAHA500Phazer-->17
Snowmobile OEMYAMAHA500Venture Lite, MP, RS-->17
Snowmobile OEMYAMAHA500PZ50, GT, MP, MT, RT, VT09-->12
Snowmobile OEMYAMAHA1000Apex06-->17
Snowmobile OEMYAMAHA1000RX10GT09-->


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Bateria BS BTX14-BS

Bateria BS BTX14-BS


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