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Electrify your tank or handlebar bag with ‘crosshair’ power entry, or hard luggage; create a low profile weatherproof SAE to SAE electrical pass through.

Fitment is easy, cut a Ø 9/16″ / 14mm hole through the dedicated ‘crosshair’ power entry on your premium soft tank/ handlebar bag or drill through hard wall on the pannier, to accept the threaded M14 barrel and nut. Custom seals are provided for ROUND (Wunderlich) and OVAL (SW Motech) soft bag ‘crosshair’ power entries, and hard pannier wall. A DC2.5mm to SAE adapter completes the installation.

  • Low profile 90° angled entry with M14 threaded barrel and nylon nut (requires 9/16” / 14mm hole).
  • Custom seals for ROUND (e.g. Wunderlich) and OVAL (SW Motech) ‘crosshair’ power entries, and hard pannier wall.  
  • External SAE 2-pin connector  with in-line waterproof seal for optional OptiMate cable adapter.
  • Internal SAE 2-pin connector / adapter for USB or other device.

 Includes DC2.5mm plug to SAE adapter and in-line rubber seals for all connectors.

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Optimate 30

Optimate 30


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