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VisionX Solstice Prime Espalhador

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Vision X advances the limits of what a LED can perform with this new Prime Drive technology. Never before has such an intense light been obtained from an LED light. Solstice Solo Pod Prime is by far the smallest light on the market while providing so much and intense light.

Perfect for ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc., but can equally be used outside on the excavator for lighting of a specific work area. Or as a reversing light to larger vehicles. The way to use Solo Pod Prime are endless. 
The strong aluminum housing, vibration and water resistance makes it ideal for mounting on exposed places. 

Prime Drive technology is a so-called (PWM) Pulse Width Modulation, pulsating the light faster than the eye can perceive, and that lowers the operating temperature of the diode. 
When the working temperature is lowered, the diode works even harder while maintaining overall lifetime without weakening after a period of use. 

Prime Drive lights operatetes at 90 % full power and give the diode a lifespan of 50 000 hours. The optics used are as much as 90 % optically pure for maximum light output from the LED. 
All Prime Drive Lights can be connected with dimmer.

Lamp housing: 6061 aluminum.
Easy installation with + / - cable.
Voltage: 9-48 volts.
Small dimensions.
Robust applications for all kinds of weather.
Consumption: 0.83 Amp at 12V
UDC water: IP68 (resists op to 3 m water)
UDC vibration: 15.6 Grms
Size: BxHxD 55x84.5x60mm 
Weight: 320g
Number of LED: 1 piece 10 watt LED
Raw lumens: 1 052
Effective lumens: 736
Lens: polycarbonate (virtually unbreakable)
Light pattern: 20° Euro (Also available in 10°, 40°)

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VisionX Solstice Prime Espalhador

VisionX Solstice Prime Espalhador

VisionX, a melhor opção para quem procura iluminação de qualidade.


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