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throttle extension that takes the fear out of long journeys, ensure maximum riding pleasure and is probably 
the cleverest alternative to a cruise control. This is not a regulator but an addition that makes dynamic, spontaneous changes in speed possible.

The facts:

  • Ergonomically perfect addition to the throttle.
  • Even distribution of force over the palm and ball of the thumb.
  • No more joint pains or cramp.
  • No more slipping with thick gloves.
  • Throttle action is considerably more sensitive.
  • Holds speed perfectly.
  • Easy to set to the desired speed.
  • Simply fold out of way when not in use.
  • Very flexible, injection moulded plastic.
  • With rubber adapter (required for some smooth grips).


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Wunderlich Cruise Control Manual

Wunderlich Cruise Control Manual


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