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Tipping the scale at 703 pounds (319 kg) without a rider, recovering the BMW K 1600 GT/GTL in the event of a fall can be a daunting task. AltRider's first product for this big bike was the engine protection bars to minimize damage from a fall, while allowing the bike to be lifted by a single person. The design for the crash bars leaves the bike at a higher resting angle by moving the bars upward and outward from the stock position. 

Since these bars protrude farther than the stock engine guards, a gap is created between the exhaust and the ground when resting on the bars. The AltRider exhaust protection guards serve to fill this gap, stabilizing the bike and making it easier to upright. They also protect the mufflers from damage in a fall, which are a very expensive piece to replace. Made from flexible polymer, the softer material not only absorbs the impact of a fall but also allows the guard to fully contour to the stock muffler.

After a comprehensive study of adhesives, AltRider chose a foam backed 3M VHB tape. The adhesive withstands the heat of the exhaust, while the foam backing is specifically designed to adhere to the flexible surface of the exhaust guards. This design ensures the guards provide long term protection. The style and finish of the exhaust guards complement the sleek design of the K1600.

  • 100% designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Specially chosen polymer to absorb impact
  • Foam Back 3M VHB adhesive
  • Fits all K1600 models

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AltRider Proteção Escape K1600GT/L

AltRider Proteção Escape K1600GT/L


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