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Outback Motortek Protecção Cartér Teneré 700

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Fully frame mounted engine and engine components protection. Our skid plate is designed to offer coverage with proper support for a long list of fragile and expensive parts on and around the Yamaha Tenere 700 engine. It’s inevitable to equip your Tenere 700 with our skid plate if you plan to take it off-road.


  • Protects crucial areas of the engine – oil pan, engine case,  oil filter and the exhaust headers, side stand sensor and rear suspension linkage! That’s a long list of very expensive parts to expose to any sort of damage that could potentially end your ride and leave you stranded.
  • Uniquely designed vent system – Not only unique but very-well thought out. No unnecessary holes were designed on this bash plate. As a result, your engine will less likely to overheat when mud and all sorts of debris, mud from off-roading fly at the engine and get stuck between the skid plate and the engine/exhaust header.
  • True off-road and adventure shape – We avoid designing skid plates that are shaped like boxes, have sharp edges and corners and will guaranteed to restrict your rides off road.
  • 4mm thick laser cut aluminum – It’s thick enough to withstand potential damage, yet lightweight.
  • Powder coated – combined with sandblasting it’s a killer combination to protect your product’s surface. No frills and tough just like your ADV/Dual Sport bike!

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Outback Motortek Protecção Cartér Teneré 700

Outback Motortek Protecção Cartér Teneré 700


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