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Silincode Pulseira Silicone SOS Vermelha M



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What information does Silincode® SOS provide?


Personal information
Put your name and profile photo so you can be easily recognised.
To make it easier you can add your age, gender, weight and height.

Important information
You can point out if you use a pace maker, if you do not wish to have transfusions, if you are an organ donor, etc. You can also highlight Allergies, currently Medication and your Medical History.

Emergency contact and current location
It is a quick way to contact the emergency service and the application will give them your location using the GPS on the mobile device.

Telephone contacts
Introduce who you want to be contacted in case of emergency. We offer the possibility to create your list of telephone contacts, both personal and medical, adding any information to facilitate contacting them. You can also make that they will receive a notification every time your bracelet is scanned.

You can add information or images for ID card, passport, Medical card,..

Further information
You can add any other information you consider important.

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Silincode Pulseira Silicone SOS Vermelha M

Silincode Pulseira Silicone SOS Vermelha M


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