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AltRider Protecções Laterais R1200GS (2003-2012) Branco

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The BMW R1200GS has a powerful yet wide motor, and you want to protect every inch. Wrap that 1200cc gem with our 1 inch stainless crash bars. AltRider set the bar high on this product. Durable and well engineered, the AltRider crash bars are built with precision-manufactured mounts that fit directly into the existing motor mount.

By utilizing the R 1200 GS’s robust frame mount and incorporating the existing frame hardware, AltRider designed a quality piece that will protect your motor.  Unlike other crash bars, these do not use flanges or weak tabs and are not hung: they are actually mounted. Made with a shot peen satin finish means that even when the bike takes a spill, the stainless bars will never show signs of rust. 

These crash bars deflect the impact from the cylinders and engine case to the strongest parts of the frame. Unlike other manufacturers, our design provides plenty of clearance around the vulnerable left oil line. It also serves double-duty as a boot rest on long rides!

Save yourself hassle and frustration – and the purchase of a $200 valve cover – by installing AltRider crash bars.

An advantage to the AltRider design is the comprehensive protection provided to the valve cover.  This is especially important on 2010 and newer models because contact to the valve cover can cause the gasket to dislodge resulting in massive oil loss.

Take a moment to review the instructions. The reason we mention this here is to make you aware which mount points on the R 1200 GS have strength.

You may also want to watch the installation video (click the thumbnail to the right). You’ll see everything that comes with your purchase, the tools you’ll need to complete the installation, and tips and tricks to make the process easier.

*Works with 2008 and newer GSA but does touch bottom of tank on right side (see photo).

  • R 1200 GS crash bars available in silverblackwhitered and triple black.
  • R 1200 GS Upper crash bars available in silver, black, white, red and triple black.
  • Stainless construction fights corrosion and rust
  • Hand TIG welded crash bars are 1 inch diameter for additional strength
  • Manufactured in America
  • Refined satin peen finish
  • T55 Torx driver provided with the hardware for installation
  • Fits 2003-2013
  • Compatible with BMW OEM plastic and aluminum cylinder head guards
  • Removal required for valve adjustment
  • Fits with Akrapovic full exhaust shotgun style
  • Note: Compatible with Remus header, approx. 1/2" of clearance on the right side
  • Note: Not currently compatible with Two Brothers 

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AltRider Protecções Laterais R1200GS (2003-2012) Branco

AltRider Protecções Laterais R1200GS (2003-2012) Branco


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