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R108-5-1105 - AltRider Kit Protecção Optica Lexan R1200GS (2003-2012) Cinza - Expand

AltRider Kit Protecção Optica Lexan R1200GS (2003-2012) Cinza

AltRider AltRider



When the sun goes down, the adventure is only beginning. Protect your headlight with the AltRider Lexan Headlight Guard for the BMW R 1200 GS so you can keep going without fear of rocks or debris ending your ride.

Bullet-proof Lexan plastic shields the vulnerable headlight, and its scratch-resistant face will keep your path clearly lit. The lens is held by sturdy stainless steel arms, which attach securely to the motorcycle frame using OEM hardware and are locked into position by the blinker stalks.

When it’s time to clean up, taking off the face is a cinch and can be done quickly and easily. With a counter-clockwise turn, the Dzus fasteners release – no tools necessary.  You don’t even need to worry about a pocket to put the fastener in, because it comes with a nylon retaining washer installed.  Gas stops become easy places to grab a window washer and wipe grime off your headlight. 

If you decide you want more of an off-road appearance, you can swap out the Lexan for stainless steel, since both guards are interchangeable.  Both fit with the AltRider Glare Guard, which is included with purchase of either headlight guard.

Save yourself hassle and frustration – and the purchase of a $450 headlight assembly – by using one or both of AltRider’s headlight guards.

NOTE: Polycarbonate will react to certain chemicals and requires specific care to clean correctly and keep looking good for the long haul. Cleaning improperly can result in scratches, hazing, surface crazing and cracking. See our blog post on proper cleaning of our polycarbonate headlight guards.


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