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Wunderlich Banco do Pendura R1200GS/A LC

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The new generation of ERGO Seats: Well-thoughtthrough at every step of the design, with many innovative solutions.

The original seat suffers from an unfavourable form which places undue strain on the tailbone, and the angle of the seat leads many riders to adopt a bad pelvic position. 
To counter this we use a foam core with completely new contours and a unique fabric, developed with great care and at no little expense.

The facts:

  •  Distinctly shaped (concaved) seating area.
  •  Relief of pressure on the tail bone and optimised weight distribution across the whole seat.
  •  Improved pillion contours for improved forward hold.
  •  Progressive double-layer construction with soft upper layer and rigid core for even distribution of forces.
  •  Uncompromising durability for long distance use.
  •  Non-slip, anti-perspiration material combined with Alcantara suede seams.
  •  Strong RoburC seat pan of our own construction.
  •  Classy recessed cut seams.
  •  Seams glued and heat-sealed on modern PFAFF hot-air welding machines for 100% impermeability.
  •  Design by Nicolas Petit (Paris).
  •  Made in Germany.

Relaxation for the passenger!

An ergonomic form accurately adjusted to suit the seating position. As a passenger, this means that you too can enjoy long-lasting comfort while touring. We have also managed to substantially improve the support (particular during braking), resulting in significantly more relaxed and enjoyable touring. The progressive foam core and the relief of tailbone strains put an end to any complaints.

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Wunderlich Banco do Pendura R1200GS/A LC

Wunderlich Banco do Pendura R1200GS/A LC


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