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Wunderlich Limitador de Brecagem R1200GS/A LC

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R1200GS LC (2013-present)

R1200GSA LC (2014-present)


Unfortunately, the original steering stops are simply not strong enough. They can be damaged by harmless falls or a strong knock. If this happens, the top yoke (upper clamp) can be damaged, and the fork tubes and Telelever are vulnerable as well. Additionally, on the 1150 models the brake lines could be squashed causing brake failure. All this can lead to expensive repairs and a great deal of aggravation. All the listed original parts are not available usually at bargain discount prices, so the investment in damage prevention is always worthwhile.

We have opted for a new approach with the R 1200 GS, here‘s how it works: the protector brackets bolt onto the lower fork bridge pinch bolts, the top bumpers contact the Telelever just before the original steering stop would make contact. 
This softens the blow, and, as the rubber bumper compresses, it progressively becomes a solid stop for the forks. Turning the handlebar fully is significantly more pleasant as the hard original restriction is no longer present.

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Wunderlich Limitador de Brecagem R1200GS/A LC

Wunderlich Limitador de Brecagem R1200GS/A LC


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