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Brembo RC and SC Compound Racing Pads.

RC – SC These pads have been designed to guarantee their users exceptional performance.
Materials of this type are notable mainly for their high friction coefficient and constant efficiency, especially when exposed to high disc temperatures.
These characteristics guarantee an excellent and uniform braking action for the full duration of the race, with less likelihood that fading will occur. Pads of this type provide scant efficiency at lower temperature, a factor of limited importance in racing situations.

  • RC – Track-only compound. This is true racing pad, suitable for any kind of competition on the racetrack.
    With an excellent friction coefficient and – more especially – exceptional stability at high temperatures, the compound gives constant braking lap after lap, from grid to flag.
  • SC – Sintered compound for track/road use, with high friction coefficient when hot. This is a material that stays very stable in all running conditions, and having a good friction coefficient when cold, the material is also compatible with road use.


Please Note:

  • RC running in should not be done with rain conditions.
  • RC ans SC can be used with rain conditions.
  • RC and SC are not Street Legal. Not for Highway Use.

Please Note that every product is a set of pads for 1 caliper therefore for 1 disk, so if your bike has two front disk the right quantity is 2 products

We work hard every day to correct any application mistake, we published all the information we have to let you check if the pads are correct, before ordering use the informations you find on our web site,

We provided all the tools to ensure the compatibility, on our part we can not be responsible for any application mistake, however , before and after your purchase we will be glad to assist you, to advise and to solve any issues and to facilitate an eventual replacement .



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BREMBO Pastilhas de Travão R1200GS/A LC

BREMBO Pastilhas de Travão R1200GS/A LC


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