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Wunderlich Extensão 'Bico de Pato'

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R1200GS (2008-2012)

R1200GSA (2008-2013)


In wet conditions the front wheel throws up water and the wind carries it straight to the rider (BMW has noticed this too and the Adventure is equipped with an enlarger as standard equipment). Cleaning the visor is annoying and cumbersome.

This enlargement adds value to the GS and remedies this shortcoming: Simply push the enlarger onto the original beak and secure it with the two original screws (at the side of the original mudguard). On the underside there is a plastic clip that provides a secure attachment.

Made of thermoformed, lightweight and nearly indestructible ABS plastic. Available in solid-colour silver (colour of the frame) with an extremely durable clear plastic coating, or matt satin black or coated with a special Carbon-Look layer. Can be mounted directly without modification to the motorcycle.

Including Boxer emblem. An original BMW emblem can be fitted instead. Order directly from your BMW dealer part number 51142308800.

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Wunderlich Extensão 'Bico de Pato'

Wunderlich Extensão 'Bico de Pato'


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