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AltRider Crash Bars for the BMW R 1250 GS - Silver - With Mounting Bracket

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The R 1200 GS has been updated with the new R 1250 GS, and a new bike requires new protection, so AltRider updated the crash bars for the new R 1250 GS models. The crash bars utilize 1.25 inch (31.75 mm) O.D. stainless steel tubing making them the largest diameter bars on the market. The decision to increase the diameter came from years of research and production results. The West Coast BMW Off-Road Training School has been outfitting their bikes with AltRider gear for the past three years. This real world testing yielded much insight on how much damage large bikes can do during crashes. 1 inch bars (25.4 mm) allow a significant amount of flex during a crash, creating the need to space them farther from the bike. The stout 1.25 inch (31.75 mm) bars allow a tighter profile while still providing real protection. Available in bead-blasted stainless silver or black powder coat finish, they're extremely resistant to rust whether you’re riding the liquid cooled GS across the highway or across a river.

The top of the bars are secured in a total of three locations per side. The front mount is the only one on the market designed to utilize two bolts per side to increase the ability to distribute the load of any impact. The rear is held with a custom machined through-bolt that replaces the engine mount hardware -- increasing strength of the bars up to 25%. AltRider offers one of only a few designs that utilize a custom machined through-bolt. There are no plastic spacers to break upon impact. This creates an incredibly strong design that distributes any impact evenly throughout the bars, and also makes a solid foundation for upper crash bars.

Another first for AltRider crash bars are the integrated 3/16 inch (4.76 mm) lower flanges designed to interface with an AltRider skid plate. This creates a modular protection system that doesn’t mount directly to the motor and is substantially more robust than anything else on the market.

Other bars are fabricated by crimping then welding joints, creating a forced fit with a weak bond. In this method, gaps are created which are later filled with weld. The additional heat causes warpage and all-too-common installation difficulties. All AltRider joints are 5-axis laser cut, creating a perfect union before the bars are hand TIG welded in a jig. This process creates a precision fit, easy installation and superior strength. Using only the best manufacturing techniques means all AtlRider motorcycle accessories are of the highest quality, ensuring the best protection for your adventure bike.

Installation is simple and straightforward. All necessary hardware, including a difficult to find T55 bit, is provided with the bars.

  • 100% designed and manufactured in the USA
  • 1.25 inch (31.75 mm) stainless steel tubing
  • 5-axis laser cut and hand TIG welded joints
  • Custom machined M12 engine through-bolt heat treated and plated to Grade 8
  • 40 mm flange mount design increases strength exponentially
  • 3/16 inch (4.76 mm) lower flanges integrate with AltRider skid plate
  • Weight: 12.2 lbs (5.5 kg)
  • Compatible with R 1250 GS (2019-current)
  • Compatible with R 1250 GS Rallye and Exclusive models
  • Available in bead-blasted stainless silver or black powder coat
  • Bead-blasted stainless (silver) bars do not match the BMW electropolish silver upper bars

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AltRider Protecções Laterais Inferiores R1250GS Cinza

AltRider Protecções Laterais Inferiores R1250GS Cinza


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