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Even riding through a puddle can fill your boots up with water. Our foot protectors effectively redirect the water thrown up by the front wheel.

The facts:

  • Maximum effect with minimal size
  • No restriction of lean angle freedom and off-road capability
  • Consistently optimised fluidics
  • Airflow and water are redirected as fast as possible
  • Flexible on impacts and ground contact, always springs back into shape
  • Available in transparent or smoke grey
  • Sturdy, dyed or transparent ABS plastic
  • Simple assembly on the original hold points
  • Perfect optical integration into the overall look of the GS
  • Also fits with our crash bars and original crash bars
  • Delivery comes as a complete set for both sides incl. bracket set

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Wunderlich Protecção Pés

Wunderlich Protecção Pés


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