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Wunderlich Protecção Switch F750/850GS

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Solid mechanical protection for the switching assistant of the F 750/850 GS with a design that makes it look very sporty and that integrates brilliantly into the design of the GS. The high protective effect is the result of the stiffness of the edged, partially pierced 2 mm aluminium plate. It surrounds the exposed, expensive switching assistant with its decent three-point attachment and reliably protects it.

This reliably reduces the threat of damage to the switching assistant especially during vigorous off-road use. The protection mounts easily using the three existing and easily accessible attachment points on the vehicle.

The facts:


  • Solid all-round protection for the expensive and exposed switching assistant
  • Durable construction
  • High-quality design
  • Easy mounting

Technical info

  • Aluminium, high-quality processed, anodised
  • Material thickness 2 mm
  • Complete with attachment kit
  • No German Type approval required

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Wunderlich Protecção Switch F750/850GS

Wunderlich Protecção Switch F750/850GS


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