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ALTR-0-1109 - AltRider Protecção Universal Colector Escape - Expand

AltRider Protecção Universal Colector Escape

AltRider AltRider



Disponível entre 3 e 12 dias

35,94 €

com IVA

Keep your headers from dents and dings by installing the AltRider Header Guard for your bike. Made of 1.5 mm thick stainless steel, it utilizes a six-flange design to wrap around the pipe and offer superior coverage against kicked up rocks and debris.

This piece offers protection and an aggressive look to your machine. To ensure perfect fit, the AltRider Header Guard was designed to be easily conformed to the contours of each header pipe before attaching with the included stainless hose clamps.

Whether you ride on or off road, be sure to protect your bike with an AltRider Header Guard.


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